Incense sticks , cones and resins, Indian thousand scents. Wide range of scented candles, soaps, creams and perfume extracts . All the magic of India!

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  • Indian incense
    Range of Indian incense sticks , cones and powder ( resin).
  • Perfume extract
    Extract highly concentrated perfume. Ideal for adding an amber notes , musk, patchouli , etc ... your perfume or pure .
  • Indian soaps
    Indian soaps for the skin. Bergamot , sandalwood, musk , nag champa , rose, lavender ... DO NOT FORGET THE FAMOUS SOAP Nagchampa !
  • Boxes & incense holder
    Boxes , incense doors, burning incense and burned . All you need for storage and use of your incense.
  • Home Fragrance
    Perfume very concentrated extract to be mixed with water in diffusers candle . Ideal to give a fragrant touch to your interior !
  • scented candles
    Scented candles in glass candle or box of 4 candles. Scented with pure essential oils.
  • Indian massage oils

    Find all the magic of India through our selection of Indian massage oil.These massage oils are naturally scented, they reduce nervous tension, and improve blood circulation. In addition, this essential oil is nourishing and moisturizing, it has a soothing effect for the body and mind. Can also be used as a nourishing oil on very dry skin, moreover, it is nourishing for the hair

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Showing 1 - 30 of 153 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 153 items