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Wide range of Indian textiles: cushions, curtains, tablecloths, rugs, wall hangings, table runners etc. ... All our textiles are made in workshops we selected Inde.Nous we ensure decent working conditions for artisans and that the absence of child labor. The majority of products are manufactured in Delhi (greather Noida) with the exception of products Kerala manufactured and woven in Kerala in southern India.


  • Covers cushions and...

    To add ambiance, add an exotic touch to your home, we offer 18 ranges of cushions. Most models are rolled out at 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm. The materials used are Taffeta, cotton, brocade and velvet. Cold washing or dry cleaning is recommended. Tissues are workshops Benares (Vanarasi) and are assembled in New Delhi.

  • Above bed & sofa

    Tendency and warm, the bed throw covers our bed or sofa with a delicate and aesthetic fabric to decorate a room in a discreet way. Whether in boutis, mohair or worked patchwork, your bed throw will inspire style and class to this space of rest and relaxation. It will bring a touch of instant style to any interior decoration ! Discover our range of plaids declined in 61 colors. Dimensions 220 x 250 cm or 150x 250 cm

  • Tablecloths, table

    A wide range of tablecloths and table runners. Dimensions: 45x180, 105x105, 150x150, 140x220 cm. Materials: taffeta, cotton, brocade and velours.Entretien: Wash cold or dry clean. Products manufactured in New Delhi.

  • Indian hangings

    Hangings printed by hand. Dimensions: 220x250 cm. Materials: Cotton. Care: Wash cold or dry clean. Products manufactured in New Delhi.

  • Curtains

    The living room is the largest and most important room in your house, its main role is to receive your visitors, your guests but it is also a place reserved for family entertainment. Curtains are an essential element to complete the decoration of your interior space, they can completely transform the decoration of your living room and can influence the whole decoration.

    Our curtains have dimensions 110 x 250 cm and are sold individually!

  • Quilts & Patchwork

    2 ranges of unique pieces and patchwork done with pieces of vestments and old tissues. Dimensions: 50x150 cm 150x100 cm. Materials: Cotton and tissue recovery Care: Wash cold or dry clean. Products manufactured in Rajasthan.

  • Linen

    Bed linen consisting of 2 pillow covers 60 x 60 cm, 2 covers 40 x 40 cm and a bedspread 220 x 260 cm with brocade saree edges.

  • Indian Torans

    Torans cotton over door. Made from old fabrics of Rajasthan. 3 sizes: 100x45 cm, 150x45 cm and 200x45 cm.

  • Chinese chair cushion

    Wide range of Chinese chair pads. All our fabrics are made in workshops we selected China. We ensure decent working conditions for artisans, as well as the absence of child labor . The majority of products are manufactured in the region of Beijing ( Peking ) . All these cakes are 10% viscose and kapok .

  • Head of textile bed

    Wide range of unique pieces made with long pieces of vestments and old tissues. sizes: 36 x 150 cm. Materials : Cotton and tissue recovery Care: Wash cold or dry clean . Products manufactured in Rajasthan ( Jodhpur ) .

  • Duffel brocade

    Duffel Indian brocade saree with edge . 9 colors . sizes: 65 long and 23 in diameter and 60x14 cm. All rests are supplied with the interior trim.

  • Bohemian chic Range
    Wide range of cushions, poufs, pillow and mattress made with multicolored recycled fabrics.
    Customize and make up your own home with the wide range of cushions and Bohemian chic trend that we offer.

    To you create your atmosphere, Everything is to be creative as an artist!
  • Tapis Dhurry
  • Brocade range

    One of the finest range of textiles made of mixed silk and lined with a luxurious ribbon of Indian brocade. In the same style, find the cushions, pillow, tablecloths, table runner, curtains, duffel ...

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