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Cushions and pillows Indian, Indian furniture.

To add ambiance, add an exotic touch to your home, we offer 18 ranges of cushions. Most models are rolled out at 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm. The materials used are Taffeta, cotton, brocade and velvet. Cold washing or dry cleaning is recommended. Tissues are workshops Benares (Vanarasi) and are assembled in New Delhi.


  • Brocard
    Indian saree with brocade cushions board. 8 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm.
  • Kerala cotton
    Indian cushion covers made in kerala in southern India. Available in 20 colors and two sizes, in 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm
  • golden leaves
    Indian cushions mixted silk embroidered with gold leaves and 4 tassels. 7 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm.
  • two elephants
    Indian cushions with border and two elephants. 7 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm.
  • one elephant
    Indian cushions with border and one elephants. 6 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm.
  • brocade tiles
    Indian cushions with tile surround and center. 5 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm.
  • Velvet cover

    Indian velvet cushions printed in two dimensions: 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm. We only sell the covers not the cushion fillings.

  • ZEN range
    Indian cushions ZEN range, made with several colors silk mélangées.14 colors in 40x40 cm and 6 color in 60x60 cm.
  • embroidered Foliage
    Indian cushions covers in 8 colors . Dimensions : 40x40 cm. Embroidered Foliage on taffeta.
  • Brocade flower
    Indian brocade cushion covers, printed saree with flowers edge . 8 colors . Dimensions : 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm.
  • Mandala and sun
    Cover cushions Indian size 40 x 40 cm. Harmonize perfectly with all other ranges of cushions. Back 100% cotton , lined interior .
  • Old cloth cover Gujarat
    Cushion covers made with old salvaged fabrics. These are cushions typically made in the province of Gujarat. THERE ARE ALL UNIQUE so we must try to harmonize them together but we do not have two identical. Available in sizes 40x40 cm and 60x60 cm
  • square crumpled
    Indian cushion covers square crumpled cotton and viscose. 9 colors . sizes : 40x40 cm. Cotton back .
  • MEXICO canvas
    Indian cushion covers canvas very strong colors of mexico ! 100% cotton. 5 colors . sizes : 40x40 cm. Printed recto / verso .
  • embroidered Kashmeer
    Covers Indian cushions in 7 colors . sizes : 40x40 cm, cotton back . Kashmeer embroidered motifs on taffetas.Composition : cotton and viscose.
  • Indian peacocks
    Covers Indian cushions size 40 x 40 cm. The grounds are Tibetan mandalas . They fit perfectly with all other ranges of cushions. Back 100% cotton, doublé.Chaque inside cover is lined with brocade ribbon .
  • brocade Pillow
    Duffel Indian brocade saree with edge. 9 colors. Dimensions: 65 long and 23 in diameter. All rests are supplied with the interior trim.
  • Arabesque mirrors
    Cases of mixed Indian silk cushions embroidered with golden arabesques around a mirror. 9 colors. Dimensions: 40x40 cm.
  • Covers various cushions
    Indian cushions cover dimension 40 x 40 cm. In perfect harmony with all other ranges of cushions. Back 100% cotton, lined interior.
  • fringes and pompoms

    A beautiful and very contemporary range of cushion covers in 40x40 cm decorated with fringe or multicolored pompoms. Essential accessory to give a colorful note to your home and turn your home into a cozy nest! Whether your decor is rustic, contemporary or modern, this range of cushions will harmonize perfectly with your interior.

  • Embroidered covers

    Embroidered cotton cushion covers. Dimensions: 40x40 cm.

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